How Education Quality Will be Improved Using E-learning

The trend of adopting new technology plays an important role in learning as well as teaching and E-learning is one of them. It is a key factor that helps to strategies concepts of teaching and enables teachers to improve teaching methods. It also helps students to explore their knowledge by using numerous online E-learning portals.

Impact of E-learning techniques on education system

E-learning portal or technology has become an important part of education industry. It fulfills the requirements of modern day learners. The introduction of technology in classroom has enhanced learner’s interaction within the classroom. It helps them by providing knowledge about each and every field.

On the other hand online learning portals also help teachers in imparting knowledge through different techniques such as videos, images, short animated stories and more.

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In this blog some points have been discussed that shows improvement in education quality using E-learning methods.

Greatly affect the teaching style of teachers

Involvements of technology in education sector have evolved over centuries. Earlier it was used in management work but nowadays it was used by teachers to teach lessons in classroom. Online educational resource also develops oral proficiency of learners as well as provides interactive environment for students.

Provide various technology tools

Nowadays a wide range of E-learning tools are used by teachers to enhance teaching methods. These tools not only enhance knowledge of students but also make studies more interesting, meaningful, interactive and simulating for students. It greatly transforms the form of education. Big question banks with answers for various subjects like Bank Soalan SPM.

Some of the successful tools and free learning websites in Malaysia for students are:

  • Coursera
  • Edx
  • Academic Earth
  • Schoolchalao
  • You tube
  • Twitter

Added an advantage in teaching or gaining education

Online teaching is gaining fame among people. It would help students to explore their knowledge related to numerous topics. It provides them flexibility to learn anything, anytime under the guidance of experts. It also helps teachers to prepare their lectures in more interesting way. So that students enjoy learning instead of getting bored in classroom.


The combination of teachers and technology with bring a drastic and quality change in education sector. It would bring advancement in teaching as well as learning abilities. It provides flexible space, time and study materials for students.

These kids learning website or E-learning tools would greatly help students to clear their concepts and become a useful contributor in development of nation.

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