Easy Video Blogging With the Flip Video Camera

Do you want to have your own television show? Do you have the need to spread your wisdom to all community members connected to the Internet? Do you want to stay in touch with friends and family? Now you can. Vlogging, an opportunity for social, personal / amateur / professional broadcasting is the latest in interactive online technology with a community. Do you have a good idea? Put it on the web, talk about yourself and take part in the revolution.

To get started, you must have an idea or, a spark of an idea or, a little curiosity. Did not take too long. Produce a few minutes of video using a digital camera or a still camera with a “movie” function, edit it or not, and publish it online to see if what happens is more of a golden rule. Sure, it can be great with corporate advertising, field reporters, proper credits and a road map. Your vlog can also be a ‘home video’ style entertainment sitting in your room eating a bowl of cereal. The numbers do not lie: people want to see the intimate details of other people’s lives. As we move more and more into our worlds, with few reasons to leave the laptop, people are posting and broadcasting their lives for everyone to see.

Increasingly, bloggers are shifting from text-based blogs to video-based blogs, also known as “vlogs.”

For bloggers themselves, creating videos can be fun, it can help them relate to readers and can also make the production of content easier and faster because you can simply turn on your camcorder and start talking instead of Having to turn on the computer carefully creates a fascinating piece of writing.

For blog visitors, there are also benefits. It may be good to see your favorite bloggers “in the flesh,” so to speak, see and hear them, and you feel that you are more part of their world.

But until recently, creating a simple blog post and then posting it to your blog was an arduous task, which meant that most bloggers did not bother to do it.

Introducing the The Flip camcorder

The newly launched Flip camcorder is quickly becoming the “weapon of choice” for video bloggers because of its ease of use and, more importantly, the ease with which you can upload videos to your blog.

This small, lightweight camera with internal memory and battery is a “lightweight anywhere” kit that you can use to quickly produce good quality videos wherever you are. Having a camera with external microphones can be handy too.

Just turn on the camera and press the red “record” button to start shooting. Press again to stop and have a basic video ready for the Internet.

The Flip camcorder does not require cables or cables to carry videos, but connects directly to the USB socket of your computer. Once connected, the software that comes with the Flip camcorder allows you to select the videos you want to try and click a button to download them to your computer for storage and / or editing.

Uploading to your video blog is almost as easy. The Flip camcorder software is designed to interact seamlessly with YouTube, so if you do not have a free account yet, sign up now.

You can select the videos you want to upload and the Flip video software will send them to your YouTube account.

Literally connecting your Flip camera to a video uploaded to YouTube can take moments.

So all you have to do is navigate to the video in your YouTube account and find the “insert” code that will be on the right side of the new video.

Copy this code and simply paste it into a new post on your blog so your video looks ready for your viewers (or viewers) to see.

Other people can also add the video to their blogs if they allow their marketing message to go even further, and YouTube, of course, pays for bandwidth when people watch their videos instead of leaving their task. Web hosting is not only a simple but also cost effective way to run a video blog.