Home Heating

Home heating is a significant concern for many homeowners particularly during the cold season. However, finding the right type of residential heating can be complicated especially with the constant rise of fuel costs. Purchasing the wrong heating system may bring you high energy bills or perhaps an insufficient heating or cooling temperature. Whether for small or large house size, you should know all the available options and information regarding home heating systems before making the final decision to ensure you will obtain the best deal.

Traditional home heating systems consist of wood burning, gas-powered systems, oil heating units and electric systems. Wood burning for fireplaces or stoves is the oldest system type of house heating. The popularly used oil heating system produces heat by burning oil in a furnace and transfers the heated air through ductworks or through radiators for heated water.

With gas heating systems, the natural gas fuel is carried into the house by underground pipes from a source. On the other hand, propane fuel systems make use of container tanks that are usually placed outdoors. Today, the most common option is the use of electric systems. Though expensive, it is very efficient as it powers several heating elements such as baseboard heaters, boilers and radiant systems beneath the house’s flooring.

In modern homes, HVAC heating systems are widely utilized. These heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units are used in heating or cooling a home using forced air from a certain central position. Another option in home heating is the ecologically friendly solar heating system which relies on open windows, solar panels or thermal materials that retain energy from the sun.

With all the different residential heating choices to consider, it is wise to seek assistance from a licensed HVAC Service Sugar Hill GA contractor to get the appropriate system for your home.