How to Patent

With a patent on your invention, you will have the exclusive right to sell and market your product and design more like it. But what happens when you invent a product and need to take the first step towards getting it patented?

Well, your first step in learning how to patent should actually be a search of existing patents to see if what you have invented already exists. You may find that some patents may be similar to, but not the same as yours. You may need professional help from companies such as InventHelp to learn how to patent properly, to avoid issues.

Your next step should be applying to your local patent office and this can usually be done in person, or via mail. To try and patent your invention you will need to fill out certain forms and pay a fee. The patent office will then do an examination of the product and determine whether it is viable.

Because so many people submit patents, this process can take months if not years. When the patent office has determined whether your patent is viable,they will grant you the patent. If it is not viable, they will reject a patent and finally, if they are unsure, they will mark the application with a non-final rejection, which means it is under review.

If the patent has been approved, the office will publish that patent, usually on a website and in a formal publication. This is done to announce the new patent and to ensure that others know they cannot patent that idea. Applying and paying for a patent is really easy.

The difficult part comes in the waiting, and those who apply for patents could spend years waiting for their patent to be cleared. In this case, they cannot bring investors on board or develop products and this may be very frustrating and it was covered in this article at too.

However,without the patent, anyone can steal your idea. It is imperative that you learn how to patent using the correct procedures, otherwise your idea may get stolen.