STD Instant Home Test

The STD (STI) Home Test Kit is an important tool in the detection of STD and STI infections like HIV, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. A person can be infected while looking and feeling healthy, with no signs at all of being sick.

STD Home Test Kit is the best way to find out for sure, you will receive screening home test for HIV, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea for your testing so you can find out for sure in 15 minutes, in complete anonymity in the comfort of your home.

STD Tests at home are approved and accepted by hospitals, clinics and HIV testing labs around the world, certified by local health authorities in each country we are present.

Delivers complete with everything you need, requiring only a few drops of urine / blood. Accurate result in 15 minutes, all in the privacy of your home, NO need to visit a hospital or clinic.

Besides being safe, confidential and accurate these test kits are proven to be very easy to use. Each STD (STI) Home Test Kit has a detailed online instruction with graphic illustrations to guide you through the entire collection and testing process.

Be safe and order your STD (STI) Home Test Kit to day.