Vegan lifestyle

Many people who have chosen the vegan lifestyle are quite proud of their decision. With merchandise advertising a vegan lifestyle, like vegan t shirts with positive slogans about vegetarianism, vegan bumper stickers becoming popular amongst people who lead a vegan lifestyle. There are two main reasons why people choose to lead a vegan lifestyle.

People choose to pursue a vegan lifestyle for the health benefits that a vegan diet can offer. A vegan lifestyle is often much better for the body than a non-vegan lifestyle. The eating habits of many vegans are centered on the consumption of foods that are low in calories and high in vitamins and nutrients. A diet based in vegetable consumption is usually low in fat and high in nutrition.

A vegan lifestyle can help anyone stay fit, trim, and well-nourished. The proteins found in meat and cheese can be easily included in a vegan lifestyle through the consumption of protein-rich vegan foods like tofu and some legumes. So, maybe you wonder can you make meat with plants? Yes, you can, even the healthful omega-3 fatty acids found in fish can be included in a vegan lifestyle, as they occur naturally in flax seed, which is easily added to many vegan dishes. A vegan diet can be as nutritionally rich and lower in calories and fat than a diet that centers primarily around the consumption of fatty meats and cheeses, so a vegan lifestyle makes sense from a health perspective.

Ethical aspects of being a vegan helps reduce the demand for animal-based products like meat, eggs, dairy products, gelatin, leather, and other such goods. The industries that produce animal products and by-products like these are often guilty of cruelty towards animals.

Common inhumane practices include keeping too many animals in one cage, and often livestock like cows, pigs, and chickens kept in these conditions are so crowded that they cannot move at all and suffer profoundly, grow ill, or even die painful deaths as a result of the conditions in which they are kept.